Established 2013

Neil Millard leads as a cloud expert and published author.

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Eat Out to Help Out

Helping HMRC development teams with easy to use tools so that they can focus on delivery.

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Who moved my servers?

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Millard Technical Services is lead by Neil Millard.

Established in 2013, we are experts in how cloud technologies help business processes. In particular how application development teams can focus on developing for the needs of the end user/customer, by partnering with us to provide easy to use deployment and hosting solutions. Providing CI/CD (Continuous Improvement/Continuous Development), enables more frequent testing and deployments and to provide fast feedback to the developers and customers.

Most recently we have helped the application teams at HMRC to deliver the COVID-19 services. These include the Job Retention Scheme and Eat Out to Help Out. Helping form part of HMRCs own teams, we are upgrading and maintaining the application hosting platform to enable easy build and deployments, updates and scaling.