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You may have heard about the success of start-ups moving fast and using the best of cloud technologies. Then why, you wonder, when you move away from one monolithic application to the cloud, do you see your downtime figure moving in the wrong direction?

While moving to the cloud means you no longer need a dedicated team of engineers for security updates, feature updates and bug fixes, it could lead to a sprawling mess of servers with data everywhere. How do you keep your cloud servers manageable and your data safe?

With the cloud model you only pay for what you use, and matching demand saves money compared to the persistent model where you would have to provision servers at maximum capacity all the time.

There are already tried-and-tested methods to migrate, re-platform and move towards customer-first, mobile-first and cloud-first applications – where you will save time, money and energy – and most important of all, keep the service running with little downtime and unsociable call-outs.

By using DevOps practices which blend the creation, testing and rigour of programming best practices, together with the practicalities of building and operating enterprise infrastructure environments, we build a cloud-first, Agile system. By utilising open source software with a plan, we create great results!